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Situation & Outlook Narrative Profiles

Use the Situation & Outlook Demographic-Economic Narrative Profiles (S&O DENP) to examine long-term, short-term and change over time in wide-ranging demographic-economic characteristics. Use other features of Situation & Outlook to examine alternative study areas using the site analysis tools, comparative analysis profiles, tabular data access, integrated maps and analytical charts/graphics and more.

Click links in the scroll box at right to view S&O Narrative Profiles for selected areas on a no-fee, no-registration basis. Subscribe to access/analyze data a wider range of geography with more detailed subject matter options. S&O Narrative Profiles are updated monthly. Some monthly updates include quarterly and annual updates. Subscribe to S&O e-mail alerts to keep up-to-date. Mention S&O alerts in text section.

S&O Profiles & Reports
The Narrative Profile is one of several structured S&O Profiles & Reports all of which may be accessed using a Web browser. Primary S&O Profiles & Reports include:
  • Comparative Analysis Profiles
      - side-by-side comparison of demographic-economics for one area to another
  • Narrative Profiles
      - mixed long-term, short-term and change presented in narrative format
  • Site Analysis Reports
      - current estimates and 5-year projections for a selected area or custom defined area
      - report format with table and map

Narrative Profile Sections and Content
Profiles are organized into numbered sections as described below. All sections provide data from Census 2000, American Community Survey (ACS) 2011, and projections to 2017 (for-fee versions), and change over time where applicable. Each year the profiles are updated and extended. For example, the 2013 editions will feature ACS 2012 data and projections to 2018. As noted in the list below, some sections included more up-to-date data.

Age, Gender, Race/Origin
  1. Population
  2. Race/Origin
Social Characteristics
  3. Households and Families
  4. Educational Attainment
  5. School Enrollment
  6. Language
Economic Characteristics
  7. Employment
      -- includes monthly labor force characteristics (1 month lag)
  8. Commuting to Work
  9. Geographic Mobility
  10. Income
      -- includes quarterly personal income by component characteristics (1 quarter lag)
  11. Poverty
  12. Health Insurance
  13. Disability
  14. Housing Units & Tenure
  15. Housing Value
  16. Housing Gross Rent
  17. Housing Costs

Charts & Graphics: Population Pyramids
The Census 2010 total population by 5-year age group by gender is shown in tabular form and as a graphic in each narrative profile. The following example shows age/gender characteristics of the U.S. Asian Indian population.

About ProximityOne. ProximityOne develops geographic-demographic-economic data and analytical tools and helps organizations knit together and use diverse data in a decision-making and analytical framework. We develop custom demographic/economic estimates and projections, develop geographic and geocoded address files, and assist with impact and geospatial analyses. Wide-ranging organizations use our tools (software, data, methodologies) to analyze their own data integrated with other data. Contact us (888-364-7656) with questions or for additional information.

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