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School Enrollment by Type and Age by State

This section provides an overview of school enrollment in the United States between 2008 and 2011 with more detail by state for 2011. Data are based on the American Community Survey (ACS). Use the interactive ranking table in this section to examine enrollment patterns by age for the population ages 3 years and over by state for 2011:
  • Enrolled and not enrolled
  • Enrolled in public or private school
  • Enrolled in public school
  • Enrolled in private school
  • Not enrolled in school
Query/rank areas based on selected criteria. How to compare areas.

Examine characteristics of individual school districts by type of enrollment:

Use S&O narrative profiles (links in scroll box at right) to view Census 2000 and ACS 2011 demographics and change over time. Updated monthly, these profiles also include other annual, quarterly and monthly data.

United States School Enrollment by Type and Age, 2008-2011
Item2008 PopulationPercent2009 PopulationPercent2010 PopulationPercent2011 PopulationPercent
Total Population, 3 yrs & over291,537,846100.00294,342,003100.00297,485,533100.00299,952,932100.00
Enrolled in public school:65,990,51722.6467,308,84722.8769,183,59923.2669,538,44323.18
  3 and 4 years2,194,4690.752,264,3970.772,220,9730.752,254,1000.75
  5 to 9 years16,406,8925.6316,748,1385.6917,100,4875.7517,105,0685.70
  10 to 14 years17,793,4716.1018,017,7196.1218,371,7416.1818,398,4606.13
  15 to 17 years11,073,9663.8010,944,8313.7211,273,6103.7911,162,1443.72
  18 and 19 years5,352,1031.845,444,3751.855,566,4851.875,628,4291.88
  20 to 24 years6,430,3202.216,814,9702.327,090,5362.387,369,3342.46
  25 to 34 years3,663,5691.263,958,6251.344,168,6841.404,280,4331.43
  35 years and over3,075,7271.063,115,7921.063,391,0831.143,340,4751.11
Enrolled in private school:13,864,0404.7613,864,2064.7113,540,6234.5513,593,4674.53
  3 and 4 years1,924,4230.661,871,4510.641,717,0130.581,744,5100.58
  5 to 9 years2,578,8470.882,511,7210.852,394,1340.802,379,3000.79
  10 to 14 years2,223,2770.762,158,2590.732,047,4470.692,019,7120.67
  15 to 17 years1,224,7480.421,208,5420.411,139,4230.381,128,6290.38
  18 and 19 years1,284,5980.441,288,4200.441,270,1820.431,190,0740.40
  20 to 24 years2,018,6690.692,025,5240.692,083,1670.702,117,3140.71
  25 to 34 years1,312,5430.451,483,7480.501,514,2310.511,578,4510.53
  35 years and over1,296,9350.441,316,5410.451,375,0260.461,435,4770.48
Not enrolled in school:211,683,28972.61213,168,95072.42214,761,31172.19216,821,02272.29
  3 and 4 years4,269,4471.464,408,8061.504,331,8011.464,430,2311.48
  5 to 9 years873,4630.30864,1540.29896,8380.30892,4110.30
  10 to 14 years320,1500.11341,5150.12349,1530.12336,3590.11
  15 to 17 years516,8610.18492,8970.17458,5890.15420,7900.14
  18 and 19 years2,460,2900.842,404,6990.822,395,8940.812,292,4080.76
  20 to 24 years12,561,8344.3112,579,2024.2712,489,1274.2012,611,9894.20
  25 to 34 years35,343,33412.1235,931,20412.2135,289,16811.8635,681,46211.90
  35 years and over155,337,91053.28156,146,47353.05158,550,74153.30160,155,37253.39

2011 School Enrollment by State -- Interactive Ranking Table
  See usage notes below ranking table.
  See related ranking tables --

Find in Name feature is case-sensitive. Searches for exact match (any set of characters) on column 1 (AreaName).

Column Headers
  • Type - Type of Enrollment
      - 1 Total -- population enrolled and not enrolled
      - 2 Enrolled -- population enrolled
      - 3 Enrl Public -- population enrolled in public school
      - 4 Enrl Private -- population enrolled in private school
      - 5 Not Enrolled -- population not enrolled in school
  • Total - Total Population 3 Years and Over -- for this Type
  • Age3-4 - population ages 3-4 years, for specified Type
  • %Age3-4 - population ages 3-4 years as percent of Total, for specified Type
  • Age5-9 - population ages 5-9 years, for specified Type
  • %Age5-9 - population ages 5-9 years as percent of Total, for specified Type
  • Age10-14 - population ages 10-14 years, for specified Type
  • %Age10-14 - population ages 10-14 years as percent of Total, for specified Type
  • Age15-17 - population ages 15-17 years, for specified Type
  • %Age15-17 - population ages 15-17 years as percent of Total, for specified Type
  • Age18-19 - population ages 18-19 years, for specified Type
  • %Age18-19 - population ages 18-19 years as percent of Total, for specified Type
  • Age20-24 - population ages 20-24 years, for specified Type
  • %Age20-24 - population ages 20-24 years as percent of Total, for specified Type
  • Age25-34 - population ages 25-34 years, for specified Type
  • %Age25-34 - population ages 25-34 years as percent of Total, for specified Type
  • Age35up - population ages 35 years or more, for specified Type
  • %Age35up - population ages 35 years or more as percent of Total, for specified Type

Using the Ranking Table
  • Click on a column header to sort on that column; click column header again to sort in other direction.
  • View additional rows/areas by sliding vertical scrollbar at table right.
  • Modify column width by dragging column separator in header row.
  • View additional columns by sliding horizontal scrollbar (leftmost columns remain fixed).

Compare Areas
Use the Find in Name feature below the table to view data for only one area or in combination with another area. There are two edit boxes to the right of the Find in Name button. Box 1 has start-up value Tex. Box 2 has start-up value Cal. When Find in Name is clicked, the table shows only those rows with Tex or Cal in the AreaName column. Click ShowAll between queries. Try one: enter Uni in box 1 and New York in box 2. The table shows U.S. and New York only.

Additional Information
Proximity develops geographic-demographic-economic data and analytical tools and helps organizations knit together and use diverse data in a decision-making and analytical framework. We develop custom demographic/economic estimates and projections, develop geographic and geocoded address files, and assist with impact and geospatial analyses. Wide-ranging organizations use our tools (software, data, methodologies) to analyze their own data integrated with other data.

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